In Hell


In Hell "I have a hard time believing this. That sounds insane."Adrian stroked his thin, utmost fashionable moustache and sat deeper in the armchair.In front of him, on a chair, Damian leaned forward.

Outstanding reviews

You are totally right, Andrew. Although it's not a valid excuse, I struggled with the deadline, and ran out of time. And I focused a bit more on the story than on the characters' differentiation.Thank you for your comment and your reading!
Thanks for sharing, I think all of us as writers share very similar struggles as we try to put out something we're proud to show others and meet our own high standards for ourselves. But as always, you put the effort to put something down on paper and share it with others, and that always takes courage and is admirable. Keep up the writing!
Thank you for these nice words, Andrew!
Clever, compelling, and all too timely. Your story should be required reading.
Thank you Nicki!

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