Over These Still Rising Waters


“Don’t you remember?” his wife — his wife! — says, giving him a purely curious look despite the scorn that Alex knows he deserves. Briana stands at the window nearest to him, its glass having long become miniscule shards on the dusty warehouse floor. The sun’s light gives her large afro a blossoming halo, her dark skin glowing with gold undertones. She’s a vibrant painting, a masterpiece made flesh even with the travel-...

Outstanding reviews

This story has a happy ending and I love stories like that. Great job, atrice!
You create this ruined world in so much detail, I felt the urge to look out my window to make sure my world hadn't flooded. Even before the ending, I felt sure that even if Alex couldn't remember his love for Briana, she would ensure he fell for her again.I've only read this one story but am encouraged to read them all. You must pursue writing!Carry on!
Hey John, thank you so much! Your comment made my day. I definitely plan to write a few books soon. Thanks for the encouragement!
I kept thinking when I was reading this that in literature, whether Alex remembers Brianna or not, it will be enough that he has loved her once and that that love will carry them through. But the magic of your story lies not in the past, but in the possibilities that await the future and I'm here for that. Great story.
I often see this title when I am surfing the library. I just love this title.
I kinda love your title. It's classical elegant poetry with just a hint of 'come hitherance.'
This is really a gorgeous example of world-building. I like that the world itself is one of horror and yet you're creating a personal story that's so human. Well done.
Congrats on the shortlist! This is a great story! You capture well the feelings of both Alex and his wife, and you’re descriptions of the scene are amazing. I loved that there was hope at the end. Kudos. 🤗
I love that last line. This is an amazing story for so many reasons. The apocalypse backdrop that isn't even the main focus of the story, the tension between Briana and your main character, the world building. I love it all. Good job and congrats on being shortlisted.
Thank you so much, Scott!!
The vivid descriptions of the city and how clear the emotions are expressed really pulls you into the story. I loved the last line so much. Alex and Briana feel so fleshed out even though the story is short. I look forward to reading more of your stories.
Hey Kaethe, thanks so much for this comment. I'm glad Alex and Briana read as I intended, I was really worried I wouldn't portray their relationship with enough depth. Thanks again!
I loved this "And since then, all he seemed to do was hurt her." It's a sign of very good writing right there! Looking forward to read more of your work.
That last line is adorableeeeee. Really nice story here merging the sweetness of love with the danger of a new world. You left me so curious about the fate of the characters and whether or not Alex ever remembers his past life. Write a book!
Hi Emma, this means so much to me! I was really worrying over how to portray Alex's and Briana's love for each other in the face of adversity. Writing a book (or a few) is definitely on my to-do list. Thank you so much for the uplifting comment!
I love your stories! Can I have your email address? I would love to reshare your works. Or you can email me at [email protected]

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