Indigenous Short Stories

Indigenous Short Stories is a collection of captivating and thought-provoking short stories written by indigenous authors from around the world. These stories offer a unique perspective on life, culture, and identity, showcasing the rich and diverse voices of indigenous communities. From tales of traditional legends and myths to modern-day struggles and triumphs, each story is a powerful reflection of the indigenous experience. Through vivid imagery and compelling storytelling, these stories transport readers to different worlds and invite them to explore the complexities of indigenous cultures. At, we are dedicated to promoting and celebrating indigenous literature. Our platform provides a space for these talented writers to share their stories with a wider audience and for readers to discover new and exciting voices. Join us on a journey through the Best Indigenous Short Stories and immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant world of indigenous storytelling.

TOP Story

Local Tongue

483 Reads
Chapter 1 9 minutes ago


Black Christmas

468 Reads
Chapter 1 32 minutes ago


Over These Still Rising Waters

465 Reads
Chapter 1 56 minutes ago


Life Line

392 Reads
Chapter 1 1 day ago


The Consortium Library

309 Reads
Chapter 1 1 hour ago


On the Job Training

303 Reads
Chapter 1 1 hour ago


In Hell

277 Reads
Chapter 1 1 hour ago


The Clock Strikes Glick

274 Reads
Chapter 1 1 hour ago