On the Job Training


On the Job Training Picture it: I have known what I wanted to be since I was ten: a nurse… My mother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at sixteen. For the most part, she had things under control. Type 1 diabetics are insulin-dependent. It snowed overnight, and nothing was moving or open for three days. My f...

Outstanding reviews

Great stuff Kimberley. Sounds like a tough time. You capture everything in a way that is very exciting to read.Great work. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the kind comment. Glad you enjoyed it.
Another amazing story of your fortitude. Have you published your memoirs? They would read like a novel with plenty of character arc.
Yes, it is called Blessed Beyond Belief: From Childhood to Death and Back.
Wow! I need to look that one up.
There are three books on Amazon. Unfortunately, I put the "cart before the horse," some would say. I self-published them all.
I will look them up.

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