Lady of the Black Irons


In the end, Man destroyed the heavens and the earth.Man said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. It fell from the heavens and rose in mighty plumes and consumed the earth in fire, and a great poison swept across land and sea.And on that final day, Man ended his work which he had made. Thus did Man destroy nearly every living thing that moveth, and shroud the earth from the firmament, so that day and night were as one.And when the age of silence had passed and the earth had shed its poison, the anci...

Outstanding reviews

This is full of marvelous phrases like « When man bridled the atom » and « tales of heroes ferried hope across the wastes ». You are one of just a few writers on reedsy who can take this unfamiliar archaic language of religion and fantasy and pull it off without a mistake anywhere. This type of story is not my thing at all, but my hat is off to your skill in telling it
Wow! That was an incredible tale! Clever the way you made it fit into the prompt. Loved the language. Congrats on short list.
That was fantastic Jamie. Totally engrossed and carry off to a new world. Your world building is so strong this feels like it should be expanded or part of a collection of stories from this world. You descriptions are top drawer.Congrats on the short listing, well deserved.
Well, when you write one you write a really good one. Congrats on the shortlist.

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