The Bladeslinger of Canary Row


His face was contorted with fear and pain the moment he died. She knew because she was there, and she couldn’t stop it. As she traverses the pitch black alley, a bead of sweat rolls out from beneath her umber gambler hat and trickles toward the popped collar of her long overcoat. The midsummer night is stifling, humidity hanging in the air. Overturned trash bins and drunken urchins are mere inky silhouett...

Outstanding reviews

Hi Sabrina!What an epic shortlist! I loved the slow burn nature of this piece-the final showdown at sunset, but with a beautiful twist. You did an amazing job of capturing your readers’ hearts and imaginations. I also liked the red herring of the husband not being your protagonist’s motivation. That line was so well delivered, “My boy.” Nice work!!
Thank you so much! I am so glad that you enjoyed the story, and that the twist landed well!!{cid}It's very hot there for the boys.
Congrats. Well presented.
Thank you so much
It's much nicer now... They got rid of the bums and the neons. In fact, the tourist ask old charlie to come out of his hovel under the docks because they want the real experience. I think charlie would be sober without the tourist. Congratulations on the win.
Well done, Sabrina! I especially liked the dystopian feel to the intro, with the neon cactus and such. It recalls Blade Runner, and I mean that as a compliment.
Thank you! I'm glad that the setting is conveyed well.
Great job with the ambiance of Canary Row, and the Lonely Mile Saloon. I could almost smell the stink of the place!
Thank you so much!
Congrats on the shortlist.
Thank you!

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